President Shitgibbon
President Donald Tiny-Fingered, Fascist, Shit-Gibbon, Fuck-Face vonClownstick Trump

Donald Trump is officially the worst president ever. Someone should impeach him soon, before he declares war on Australia. Of course, many people didn't like Obama, but he pretty much survived his 8 years in office without any scandals. Trump lasted only a few hours in office before being beset with scandals.

In this post-truth era, the most important people in the universe are the clever comedians who make fun of the stupid leaders, who mock the establishment, critique the Government and speak Truth to Power. 

On this page are some of the best comic critics of President Stitgibbon - Donald Trump. These are the prophets of our age. They are everything that Trump is not: informed, insightful, intelligent, perceptive, literate... and funny.

Russia is fake news.

Donald Trump, 16 Feb 2017

Cartoon Donald Trump

Jimmy Fallon

Jon Stewart

Stephen Colbert